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Are you in search of high-quality and proven natural skin care products to enhance your business?

Having your own label skincare label is really exciting, however, if you have never done it before it can be very daunting.

One of the most important things you will need to do when wanting to launch a new beauty product line is to decide how you will source your products.

Were you thinking of manufacturing yourself? You will need to work with a high-quality manufacturer.


What other options do you have? What about White Label? Or Private Label?

White Label vs Private Labelling


What actually is the difference? In White labelling a manufacturer will create a product for another company to sell under that company's name and the company will pay for all the development, testing and following all regulations. New product development can take a minimum of 6 months.


But that company can enter into an agreement with another company to have a proven product in the marketplace available to brand with your own Logo.


This can be achieved with our partners to assist you with Packaging and design.

Having this team working with you means you have industry experts manufacture the product and follow all International regulations.


This also means that you can move into production in a short timeframe and start to promote your new products.


Let's look at the benefits of White labelling skin care:


A white-label product is an off-the-shelf formulation which is put into your own branded packaging.

This type of product will be formulated and tested before it is even offered to you so it is ready to go to market once it has been branded.


Companies who have gone through the process of creating their own Intellectual Property formulations for their own company and branding also can have their formulations available for White Label.


Various self-employed business owners use white labelling, in the beauty industry, for example, salon owners, spar owners, MLM companies, established brands or retailers and ambitious startups.

This is because the formulation is owned by the company or manufacturer who developed it, not the brand.


Experts also recommend using white labelling if you plan to launch a new (tried and tested) product. White labelling is easier than custom-making products, making for an excellent springboard to launch you into the marketplace.

Essentially, a white label is a “blank label”. You can’t change the formulation, you won’t own it, but you can customise how the product looks and brand it as your own.


White label is also more affordable: All you have to do is purchase your product, select your packaging and labels and you are on your way. You don’t have to worry about testing, certifications and other fees that come with product development.


Get started today: Contact us to Create your own brand



What is Private Label product?


A key difference between white label and private label comes down to how the product is developed. When working to produce a private label product, this would be formulated by a development chemist specifically based on the customer’s brief and designed specifically for them.


This is perfect for brands and retailers who want to take a new product to market where they have full input on the product claims they want to make, the ingredients they want to include and where they can also be part of the process to determine texture, fragrance and product cost.


Most products on the shelves of health and beauty retailers and supermarkets are contract manufactured by private label experts.


Let’s take a skincare brand as an example here.

They want to launch a new vegan moisturiser that’s made in NZ and is totally unique to them.

They know which functions they want the product to deliver and how they’d like it to look, feel and smell, but they don’t have the facilities or expertise to develop, test and manufacture it themselves.


A brand like this would choose to work with a private label manufacturer to take the project from an idea to a finished product. This process typically includes a formulation and development stage where sample formulations will be created and tweaked until the customer is happy.


The customer would have full input as to the texture, colour, fragrance and packaging that is used for this product based on their vision and specification. This product would then go through a testing stage where the stability of the product is tested in different temperatures and environments and its compatibility with packaging is also tested – this process typically takes around 12 weeks. The next step is challenge testing to ensure the formula will stand up to the expiry date of the product. There are 2 tests required and this has a considerable cost.

Once the product has passed testing, it would then be scaled up to be manufactured in bulk ready to be packaged and shipped off to its retail destination.


Being involved from the start of the product development process means that you have a unique product designed specifically for your brand, but it does take approximately 9 months from idea to a physical product ready to sell.

You would also likely have minimum order quantities (MOQs) to meet and depending on your manufacturer, this could be somewhere from 5,000 units to 100,000 units per SKU, but this does mean that with the economies of scale, you’ll have a lower unit cost than if you were to work on a white label basis.


Private label projects require more upfront investment and have a longer lead time to hitting shelves than a white label, but the beauty of private label manufacturing is that it allows brands to sell their unique products without any risk of there being the exact same product on the market.


In most cases with private label manufacturing, you’ll also own the formulations which means that you have greater flexibility in working with a manufacturer of your choice at any point moving forward – just be sure to ask this question as some manufacturers will retain ownership of the formulation.


In simple terms, a private-label product belongs to your brand but is formulated, developed and contract-manufactured by specialists + on your behalf. You (most likely) own it and have total control over what’s going into it, how it looks and feels, but you leave it to the experts to create it for you.


Private label Skincare – we will provide you with all of the essentials to take your brand from concept to market. We offer a variety of different base formulas that you can make your own, packaging styles, branding and everything you need to get started.

Get Started today:  Contact us to create your own brand

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